Yoti to Provide Secure Verification for Noku TokenRaise Blockchain Platform

Noku TokenRaise is partnering with Yoti to give more people access to its blockchain technology. In a press release, the two companies announced that Noku TokenRaise customers will now be able to share verified information through Yoti’s secure digital identification app, which leverages facial recognition and document reading for authentication, making it even easier for people to navigate Noku’s user-friendly blockchain platform.

“Yoti delivers speed and scalability, and reduces the high costs of manual verification checks,” said Noku TokenRaise CEO Roberto Gorini. “We’re delighted to be working with them to create a smooth experience” in the verification of customers’ identities, he added.

Thanks to Yoti, Noku TokenRaise will be able to eliminate
the need for the paper identification documents that many businesses still
expect. That, in turn, will reduce the number of steps customers have to go
through before using the platform to create their own blockchain tokens. Yoti’s
track record
– and its belief
in blockchain
– should further alleviate any concerns that people might
have about the security of Noku’s platform.

“Noku is a community of people that want to exchange value and trust,” explained Gorini. “We want our platform to be safe, easy to use, and be accessible to as many people as possible.”

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