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Bitcoin and Ethereum as the top two cryptocurrencies are naturally in the spotlight almost exclusively at all times. At the current moment in mid-October as the year of 2018 is slowly coming to an end, it is expected to see a mass bull run similar to the one that took place at the transition between 2017 and 2018.

However, Ethereum seems to be having some issues with keeping its value above 200$ occasionally taking a dip down below the initial value, having been traded at as low as 196$ during the last week. As Ethereum is dipping, Bitcoin is trying to stay above the negative market trends, however, BTC went from the value 6,640$ per one unit to today’s low of around 6,500$ while it also went down to trading at the value of under 6,500$.

How well are Bitcoin and Ethereum doing at this moment and what is the ultimate value the top two cryptos could reach by the end of 2018?

Bitcoin (BTC): the Current Value and the Future Price by the End of 2018

The market is once again acting sluggish on the majority of cryptos, so we can easily see the massive part of the market dropping along with the active trend with a couple of exceptions like ZCash for example that had managed to get pass Dogecoin and take its spot of the 20th largest crypto, obviously rising against the current trend.

This is not the case with BTC, although the first and the original cryptocurrency is only dipping by merely -1% in the course of the last 24 hours.

Bitcoin is currently being traded at the price of 6,500$, having lost around 66% since making it to its record price of around 20,000$ during the mass rebound back at the beginning of the year.

Having the total value of BTC cut by -66% is not that bad at all, as the majority of cryptocurrencies lost from -75% to -95% of their value since the beginning of the current year, affecting the market in a negative connotation.

In addition to this “advantage”, BTC is also showing some progress, although at a weak pace of growth, so we can see it rising up above the fiat in the course of the last two months.

These rises are providing at least some backup for the largest cryptocurrency in the market, having many crypto enthusiasts believe that BTC could easily go pass the resistance of the value of 7,000$ per one BTC, also speculating that the currency might also go up towards 8,000$ in the next two months as we are saying goodbye to 2018.

Ethereum (ETH): the Current Value and the Future Price by the End of 2018

When compared to BTC, the story of Ethereum might be a bit different, unfortunately in the negative terms. Even Vitalik Buterin himself is stating that Ethereum could go even lower than we have seen by far. Its latest low was marked at the value of 196$, while ETH is currently being traded at the price of 204$ per one unit after the latest dip in the last 24 hours.

It seems that ETH is having some difficulties with acquiring a decent rebound so it’s been months since we have seen it trading above 300$, while Ethereum lost over 80% of its value since making it to its all-time high.

With decreasing on weekly, monthly and even on a YTD basis, dropping by over -34% in the course of the last year, it does seem like a mission impossible to see Ethereum getting back to its record price of around 1,440$ any time soon.

In case ETH spikes with the price pump that is expected to take place at the end of 2018, it might even go beyond 300$ in case it breaks the resistance in case the currency is able to acquire a more stable pace of growth.

However, probably the only thing that could actually pull ETH out of the price crisis is finding a scalability solution that would make the network more efficient. Dapp development is technically pretty demanding, so in order to keep the status of the second largest currency, ETH will need to step up its game.

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