What Coinbase Listing Means for Ethereum Classic (ETC)

Ever since Coinbase announced that it is going to add Ethereum Classic (ETC) to its list of tradable coins, the cryptocurrency community has been enthusiastically waiting for the day to come. The news caused a spike in the price of ETC, hence, it led to speculations from experts say the coin actually could rise to a stable price once enlisted. The listing according to reports is to happen sooner than most speculations state. For instance, the market assumed the enlisting would occur after a few months or towards the end of the year. However, it has come to be a surprise for users as its going to actually happen real soon.

Coinbase to List Ethereum Classic (ETC), a Plus for ETC

Coinbase made a list of the cryptocurrencies that are going to be listed on the platform in the future and this included Stellar (XLM) and others. The company stated that the listing of Ethereum Classic (ETC) has been especially easy to integrate because it’s similarity with Ethereum (ETH). As a result, one can interpret this to mean Coinbase has finished integrating Ethereum Classic (ETC) and it won’t be long to see the crypto been listed. The rumor in the industry is that it may be listed as soon as next week. If this happens, the price of Ethereum Classic (ETC) is going to reach the moon in the coming days. As of writing, almost all the cryptocurrencies are experiencing a “Greenlight” (+) and a conclusion as to how it all happened is yet to be known.

ETC already saw its rise as soon as the report came as there was a boost in the price even though the listing was yet to happen. With the latest announcement, investors will be more propelled to rush into buying ETC as the new week starts. Ethereum Classic (ETC) may go as high as $20 according to Nick Mwenda on CryptoGlobalist. Apart from the expected rush of investors, the entire cryptocurrency market was going through a tough time but that cannot be said any longer as the market saw an increase.


ETC had a drop in price last week mainly as a result of the Bancor hack that cost the cryptocurrency exchange over $12 million worth of cryptocurrencies. However, there has been a rise as the “King” of cryptos finally had a 10% increase on Tuesday. It is well known among crypto fans that an increase in the price of the big bull (BTC) leads to a rise in altcoins. The “King” of cryptos is currently trading at a price of $7,324.18 and is still increasing, the “Prince”, Ethereum (ETH) follows with a magnificent increase to $501.08 as compared to $423.958 over the weekends. Ethereum Classic (ETC) is also trading at a price of $17.932 and following gently.

How long the “Greenlight” (+) will stay is another question users should be aware of as we still remain uncertain if the market’s bearish behavior has come to an end.

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