Ethereum Is The Cryptocurrency That’s Replacing Bitcoin

Even if you only have a layman’s understanding of cryptocurrency, you’ve probably heard of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a digital currency and payment system that eliminates the need for banks or middlemen and allows for secure transactions thanks to heavy encryption. You might not have heard of Ethereum yet, though. It’s a lesser-known open source platform built off blockchain technology that’s causing a stir in the world of cryptocurrency thanks to its ability to build decentralized applications.

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum are open for use by the public, and use blockchain technology — but that’s where the resemblance ends. Bitcoin has only one application of the technology: as a monetary system of exchange, for use in online Bitcoin payments. The Ethereum blockchain is more complex, using an advanced scripting language that lets it run the programming code of virtually any decentralized app, from title registries to electronic voting systems. That means it has a vast number of applications and uses, beyond just financial exchange. But if you’re interested in that, Ethereum’s cryptocurrency, known as ether, runs on “smart contracts.” It’s a type of conditional trade, where transactions can only be made if certain specifications are met using an “if, then” system.

It’s this level of innovation that helped propel Ethereum to the place of the second most valuable cryptocurrency in the market just two years after its launch. The Complete Ethereum Blockchain Mastery Bundle is a collection of four online courses taught by Certified Bitcoin Professional Ravinder Deol that gives you the foundation to be an early adopter of this valuable new cryptocurrency, helping you invest and reap the rewards for less than $30. Here’s what’s included in the bundle:

Ethereum Blockchain Developer: Build Projects Using Solidity

This course helps you work with Ethereum in a hands-on, practical way, working to build projects through step-by-step blueprints using tools like Mist, Geth and Ethereum Studio.

Blockchain Technology: A Guide To The Blockchain Ecosystem

If you’re still confused about what blockchain technology is and does, don’t worry: this thorough course breaks down the mechanics of the technology and its various applications.

Ethereum Developer: Build A Decentralized Blockchain App

Once you develop a solid grasp of the basics, then you’re ready to start developing your own decentralized blockchain apps using Solidity 3, Truffle 2 and Angular. Sound intimidating or overwhelming? This course breaks down the entire process into 38 bite-sized lectures, which will get you started without any previous development experience.

Ethereum Developer Masterclass: Build Real-World Projects

In this intensive masterclass, you’ll learn advanced but approachable lessons to develop a complex, real-world, Ethereum-based distributed application using Solidity.

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